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Yummy - RM40 voucher

Have a look what I got?
It is the RM40 KFC, AYAMAS, PIZZAHUT voucher from Hotlink. A simply RM60 online top up will get you this RM20 voucher. (Yes, I top up RM120)

Enbux - The New Prelaunch Bux having potential

What is the guideline to join and profit from PTC? The answer is simple:
1. Site must looks sustainable with efforts seen had be put on.
2. Good script with instant payment.
3. Reasonable amount of referrals.
4. Join fast!!

After the incident of Svbux, I am great to have some earning from there, while feel bad for those who may lose their money there too. But it had been clearly shown that there are rarely PTC / Investment online which will stay profit in long run. Grateful that Neobux had compensate minor, as well as Alertpay had refund some of the fund.

Today I am going to introduce you another new potential bux, which is the Enbux. What is so special about it? Basically it scripts, as well as DDOS protection on the server site. The login menu is secure enough, and the best of the best is now still in pre-launch mode. It will launch somewhere soon in this month (Dec 2009).

As the site is new, the ref will be active clicking to reach their minimum payout. Therefore, you could expect your downline to be very active. I just upgrade my account to Golden, which cost me $59 (Discount price). On top of that, every deposit by now will received an 10% bonus. In my case, I deposit $80 for Upgrade and the rest for the ref rental (once site is launched), I get additional of $8.

Deposit of $80 into Enbux

The minimum cashout for Enbux is simply $2. So it is much easier for your first cashout. Just simply click the banner below, and fill in the registration information, click the ads available daily, and when you reach your first $2, cashout. No investment required. (Of course with investment you earn faster)

The best of joining Enbux during pre-launch is that you get  an Alpha membership free! (Only available if you register during site prelaunch) Alpha membership give you better benefit than standard membership. So ACT now!!

So how can I earn pocket money started today? It is easy, simply follow steps below:

  1. Register yourself a Paypal or Alertpay account. These are used to received payment. You can withdraw balance from Paypal and Alertpay to your local bank account! 
  2. Click here and register yourself an account (Registration is free totally)
  3. Get your email address verified by provide registration code received in your email account during registration
  4. Login and click on View Advertisements (ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER SITE LAUNCHED)
  5. You see few ads link, click it and click the tick again
  6. Upon the ads page complete load, a green countdown bar will appear, patiently wait until you see a message, click to complete, click it and you will receive a message saying $0.01 had been credited into your account.
  7. Proceed to other ads, check back after another day, daily.
  8. When you reach minimum of USD2, you can request cash out IMMEDIATELY pay to your Paypal and Alertpay account.

Click here to register and start earning pocket money!!


It is not difficult to get free pocket money online, isn't it? IF you wish to invest and have queries, do not hesitate to contact me! Ask me until you are 100% clear before you invest! Happy earning!!

SVbux: A sad day...

It was been 2-3 days SVbux is down. From the beginning I was having great faith that it will get online soon, till today when official news was made. So what is it happens to SVbux?

It all started when guy A demand admin to pay for his copyrighted PTC script, or he will log a report / launch attack (whichever true). So, DDOS (wikipedia for the meaning) attack was initiated to SVbux, and apparently it cause damage to the site. My last USD$100+ withdrawal was made during the interval DDOS attack was calm...

Admin decided to end this war by paying the blackmailing guy. Everything seems normal. But soon not even another 24 hours, the site was been targeted and this time, never back online again.

Many users earns, as well as many users lose. I am the lucky one, as I invest only $107 and I withdraw $439.39 or a profit of $332.40 within two and half months. I told myself always prepare for the worst, as you can gain from PTC, you could loss from PTC too. I am sad to those who had losses, but as I mention always, only invest the amount you afford to lose.

I don't find any better PTC so far, so I am not sure whether I will in PTC again or not. I still clicking my Neobux as well as Wordlinx. This sites had been around for some time, Neobux 1.5 years, Wordlinx more than 5 years. Right now I am studying forex, as well as looking for opportunity in HYIP (Google it). Diversify my investment to loss lesser, at the meantime hoping for greater profit.


Svbux: USD110++ in Paypal

First, there is two good news for everybody. Ready? Then take your seat and let me begin.

1) Paypal now accept withdraw to Malaysia local bank.
This means that if you have balance / money in your Paypal, you can get it withdraw directly to your bank account. There is only RM3 per transaction and if you withdraw more than RM400, then there is no transaction fee.
So how do you add a bank account into Paypal? Buy me a lunch / dinner and I will slowly show you. =)

Paypal withdraw to your bank account fees

2) It had been a while I did not show you my payment proof from Svbux. Maybe you think it was down... Frankly, I had no idea why the site was very unstable (indeed now still) today after I back from work. I could connect to the site and get disconnected. Thanks god I still able to click all my ads and.... (drum rolling) Cashout an amount of USD$117.23!!! I did not withdraw for sometime because I was on the 100 refs rental queue, and though it cost slightly more than usual, you do not need to fight to get ref. Just pay the amount, queue it, sit back, relax, and after 48 hours, you get your 100 refs (USD$35).
This time I purposely make the withdrawal to my Paypal account, to show you that how compatible the site it is. You can withdraw to Alertpay and Paypal. And let's pray that the site will back to its normal speed again a.s.a.p

My USD$117.23 payment from Svbux

So... What are you waiting for?

USD80+ in 10 Days only ClicKing @ Damn Easy Money

USD80.48 received from Svbux

It had been sometime I update this blog. Maybe you guys thought that I was no longer receive any payment anymore? Then you are wrong! Simply I was doing some planning on Svbux, as recently they just launched a new membership call Svbux investor which cost USD$349 (PP) or USD$299 (AP) features some enrichment tools and cheaper rental fees.

Since I can't make up my mind to whether become part of the svbux investor, I decided to withdraw to my Alertpay (AP) account today. Take note that this is money / balance you see, but those you don't see (assets) is actually my 790 rented refs which are all having an expiry 20 days and above!

Definitely you can get USD80 in 10 days if you are working, especially those blessed fortuned one. But do you want to earn EXTRA USD80 or even MORE in 10 days? Then join today!!